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Creating images that resonate with the viewer is what inspires Mike Seidl and Ron Stewart of

Seidl / Stewart. Both with over 30 years experience in creating visuals that grab your attention. 

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Mike Seidl

I was born and raised in Seattle and graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in English Literature, intending to teach college level English. About the same time, my father built a darkroom in his house and I thought that, since I had the opportunity, I should learn how to take a decent photograph. But developing and printing that first roll of film turned out to be a life changing experience, and I never went back to graduate school. Ironically, the subject matter of that first roll of film was buildings -- shots of the beautiful old buildings in Pioneer Square. That was many years ago now. I have been photographing architecture and interiors and real estate, primarily houses, for more than 25 years professionally. The last few years I have really concentrated on real estate photography and find myself extremely busy in that sector, and enjoying it immensely. It requires a different skill set than shooting architecture, and the learning curve was steep, but now things are flowing along nicely. Hopefully my real estate examples speak for themselves. 


Recently I started partnering with an experienced videographer, Ron Stewart, to produce real estate videos. Ron brings a wealth of experience, high standards, and the ability to execute those standards, and together with my experience working with brokers and shooting houses, it's an exciting association. 


I feel very fortunate to have found a trade about which I care passionately. The changes in photography since I began are mind boggling, but I believe that the creative possibilities now are greater than ever. My favorite quotation about photography is from Cartier-Bresson and expresses pretty well my feelings about the art and craft of picture making: "to take photographs is to find the structure of the world - to revel in the pure pleasure of form, to disclose than in all this chaos, there is order."

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Ron Stewart

Ron Stewart has been sharing his world through a viewfinder for as long as he can remember. Starting at age 9 with his dad’s hand-me-down Nikkormat camera, the sense of discovery began. Today he is one of a handful of photographers who has successfully made the transition into the commercial film industry.

20 years ago Ron made the natural migration to commercial directing and was immediately awarded broadcast spots for Hilton Hotels. Ron expresses, “It’s exhilarating working within the many layers of the motion environment, from directing the action all the way to sound design in the editing process”. 

Most recently, Ron moved to Bainbridge Island just outside of Seattle.  While Ron still maintains his twenty-year relationship for all his L.A. based work with M2G Media. Here he’s teamed up with Mike Seidl, a Seattle based Photographer, Videographer and Artist. "I have so much respect for Mike's vision, it really shows in his amazing work”.  Together they’ve formed Seidl / Stewart Video Productions, catering to clients who are looking for a unique perspective.

Ron’s vision and love for collaborating with creatives has given him the luxury of working with high-profile clients from Apple to Nissan Motors. In recognition for his talents, Ron has won a myriad of awards including Addy’s a Belding and Black Books AR100.


If you have a project you'd like to run by us, give us a shout!

Mike Seidl


Ron Stewart


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